Bunker Work

We have been doing some work in the bunkers over the last few weeks.  The sand has sloughed off of the sides over the winter months from regular maintenance and stormy weather.  We are trying to return the bunker shape to the original design with a more bowl shape into the bunker and not such deep bunker lips.
The work we are doing will be part of our training program for the new staff this spring.  It will be their responsibility to maintain this look as they rake the bunkers throughout the season.  I am also going to switch up some of the maintenance to see if we can do more hand raking and less mechanical raking.  It seems like the mechanical rake does more damage than good.

I would like to ask our members a favor during the 2013 golf season.  Please enter and exit the bunkers on the least sloped areas of the bunkers.  This will help maintain our bunker faces and not accelerate the movement of the sand to the bottom of the bunkers.  We will try to place the rakes in the best positions for entry and exit so that members will utilize these areas more often. We are also placing the rakes on the opposite sides of the green when possible so that there will not be a rake between the green and the bunker.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Justin Ruiz, CGCS, MG

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