Season Closing Update

The 2014 golf season is coming to an end.  Fall is coming, anyways I think.  The weather has actually been fairly warm for the most part as we continue through October.  The leaves are falling and the rough is growing two things that require attention and focus from our staff.

Here are some pictures of what we accomplished this season...

Spraying for moss on the tees

Aerified fairways tees and greens in the spring

New landscaping project that we extended the theme through the course

Changed the height of cut on the fairways for the season

Hosted a field trip from a local high school.

Installed a weir for the lake on #6 so that it wouldn't run over

Beginning of teeside work

Had a catastrophic hydraulic leak that was not fun to deal with

Guys were proud of their straight lines

Started to mow the tournament cut in the fairways

Got the waterfalls running

Completed the teeside work

Had a large rain event that came quickly one afternoon

4th of July party

Started a different mowing pattern in the rough

A present from the golf shop

Rolling 14' +

Staff got ready for the events we had this year with all hands on deck

Frustration with the outside events

Guys were getting the hang of straight mowing

Frustration with the cart traffic on the course as we enter the wet season

Heavy dew in the mornings

Organic fertilizer research came to a close. Now thesis time.

Had to do our best to get ready for early shotguns

Beautiful fall mornings

Goose chasing

Guys doing a great job on the bunker edge

The course is beautiful

Fire disaster in the clubhouse. We all pitched in to keep things steady

A back up tent
Fall greens aerification

Too much energy!

Bathroom landscape

Fall dew

Weekend aerification to the front nine

Topdressing the fairways for the fall

Grrr. Cart damage again...

There is some sun still.

Tee topdressing for the fall

Hopefully, you enjoyed the picture review of the past season.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me directly.

Justin Ruiz, CGCS, MG

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