Getting into the Summer Swing

The summer is in full swing now and we are getting ready for the hot weather forcasted this weekend.  We are also prepping for the Member/Member tournament coming up this weekend as well.

To prepare for the tournament this weekend we have scheduled in a few days of walk mowing. This will help get the greens tournament ready. We are also spending a lot of time hand watering the greens and getting them ready for the extreme temperatures this weekend.
We sprayed the greens this week with some fertilizer and other chemistry to help with the high sun exposure and to avoid any high temperature diseases that are also prevalent during the hotter overnight temperatures.

Other projects that we have come up during this warm weather was an electrical problem on the 9th approach.  The sprinkler head was inoperable from a bad wire splice.  Using the wire finder and a ground fault locator Christian and I were able to find the issue and fix the problem.  The approach should be looking better soon now that the water will run at night.

Another issue we found on the course was a large paper wasp nest on #17.  It was about eye level in a tree bordering the course.  We were able to get some insect spray on the hive and take care of the issue.  We continue to monitor the area as the bees move out and we can remove the nest.

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