Irrigation Break

Last week we had a unique break in an irrigation line.  Above the tunnel to the first hole we had a leak in our landscaped area.  When we turned on the pop up heads with the control valve water came gushing out from under the concrete path.


Christian dug down around the path to hopefully find the break near the path, but had no luck.  The break was obviously underneath the concrete path.  After some words of frustration, we had no choice but to break up the concrete to access the broken line.  In the process we broke an abandon sewer line that was not located on the city maps.  The fix became much more difficult than what was expected.

Once Christian exposed the irrigation line he turned the valve back on to check the location of the crack.  He was suprised to find that the break was not in the pipe that he exposed, but a pipe buried even deeper into the ground.  The pipe was broken from the roots of the surrounding vegetation.


Christian was able to find the pipe and fix the leak.  Shortly, the concrete company that repaired our cartpaths will be out to repair the panel that we had removed to make the repair.  If you have any questions about the irrigation break or the irrigation system in general please contact me.

Justin Ruiz, CGCS

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