US Open Pictures Courtesy of John Kaminski

...follow up to last photo. Finishing touches on the first hole of the day. #usopen #attentiontodetail

Hole in white applied to the hole. Key is the bucket...touch up paint. #usopen

Just a minute ago on number #15. #usopen awesome shot of fairway mowers.

HDTV makes things look worse than they are. This is perhaps the worst area on any green and there's lots of green in there. Recovery begins tomorrow. #usopen

Blowing, rolling, and raking #5 @ #usopen.

Mr. G walks #7 green after the double cut and roll. (I was replacing the tees for the players positions from last night) #usopen

Big thanks goes to John Kaminski, PhD. for the inside look at the maintenance practices at the 2011 US Open.  Pretty great photos. you can follow him on twitter, @johnkaminski and read his turf diseases blog at

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